The Western Hills Community Service Club is dedicated to supporting agencies working for the prevention of child and sexual abuse and to honor students who exhibit exceptional leadership and scholastic achievement from several local high schools.

The WHCSC gives direct support to the following organizations that assist local children and parents in need.


Women Helping Women 

Life Forward, Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati 

Bloc Ministries 

Anderson Ferry Road Pantry 

Council on Child Abuse

My Neighbor’s Place Food Pantry 

Family Nurturing Center

The WHCSC offers Student of the Month and Student of the Year Scholarships to students from the following high schools. Scholarships are based upon academic achievement, demonstrations of leadership, and character and essays submitted by the students.


Elder High School 

Seton High School

Oak Hills High School 

Taylor High School

Diamond Oaks High School

The IRS has designated the Western Hills Community Service Club as a 501 (c) (4) organization.  Contributions or gifts to these organizations are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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