About Us

Welcome to the Western Hills Community Service Club, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Western Hills Community Service Club (WHCSC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit service organization for men and women who want to serve their community, develop leadership skills, and enjoy new friendships. The WHCSC is dedicated to supporting agencies working for the prevention of child and sexual abuse and to honoring students who exhibit exceptional leadership and scholastic achievement from several local high schools.

The Nathanael Greene Lodge

The Nathanael Greene Lodge

Our meetings are held every Thursday, except holidays, at 8:00 AM ET at Nathanael Greene Lodge, 6394 Wesselman Rd., Dent, Ohio. Feel free to join us as a guest!

We are proud to announce the Cheviot Classic Car Show which will be held on Sunday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 at the Harvest Home Fairgrounds in Cheviot. Whether you’ve got a car to show, would like to join us as a sponsor or just love checking out beautiful cars, please support our event.  Please click on The Cheviot Classic Car Show page for more information.

Visit our Facebook Page – Western Hills Community Service Club

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