Membership to the Western Hills Community Service Club is open to men and women who are still working and to those who have retired from their careers. The annual dues of $275.00 are used to finance the operation of the Club including the breakfast served every week and the rental of the meeting room at the Nathanael Greene Lodge.

Members of the Club enjoy socializing prior to our meetings, eating an awesome home cooked breakfast, and listening to very interesting speakers each week.

The mission of the Club is to support local non profit organizations who work to prevent child abuse and sexual abuse as well as to provide financial scholarships for outstanding seniors from our five local high schools. All the proceeds from our main fundraiser, The Cheviot Classic Car Show, are donated to these organizations and students at our annual Christmas Breakfast meeting.

If you would like to meet us and learn more about the Club we invite you to attend a Thursday morning meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!